Love Is Blind season 4 featured five engagements in the pod phase of the show, and an additional engagement when Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova split up, but some scenes were cut. On the show, Zack proposed to Bliss Poureetezadi instead. However, there were two other engagements between the 30 featured cast members, which were edited out. Wendi Kong and Jimmy Forde, as well as Ava Van and Josh “JP” Schulz, both got engaged in the pods, and didn’t have their romances shown.


Though 30 cast members from the Seattle area filmed Love Is Blind season 4, only the featured couples received screen time. Micah Lussier and Paul Peden were featured, along with his love triangle flame, Amber Wilder. Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell got a lot of screen time, as did fellow engaged couple Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah. In addition to Zack’s two proposals, Marshall Glaze and Jackie Bonds were the fifth couple who got engaged in the pods, while her flirtation with Josh Demas was briefly shown. However, the other cast members who filmed only got a line or two at most, despite two more pairs being engaged.

Two More Love Is Blind Season 4 Pairs Were Engaged

People revealed the two engagements that were cut from Love Is Blind season 4. Wendi, a 28-year-old aerospace engineer, was engaged to Jimmy, a 29-year-old technical product manager. Meanwhile, Ava, a 32-year-old communications specialist, was engaged to JP, a 30-year-old plant operations director. The publication revealed that Jimmy and Wendi bonded over their shared interests, such as engineering, but that they split after three months of dating. Currently, they are on friendly terms. JP connected with Micah and Chelsea before proposing to Ava, though they didn’t even make it past the airport, and aren’t on good terms now.

Why Doesn’t Love Is Blind Show All Engagements?

This isn’t the first time Love Is Blind hasn’t shown all engagements, as only a handful of engaged couples are selected each season. They appear on the holiday trip before couples move in together. Show creator/executive producer Chris Coelen explained the reasoning behind the cuts, as per People. “We may choose to follow some people for some part of the process and then not tell their story, or we may choose to follow certain people only through their reveal. It really just depends on the circumstances,” he said in the exclusive quote. Out of the chosen couples, three pairs wed during the Love Is Blind season 4 finale.

Love Is Blind Fans React To Cut Couples

News of the cut engagements between Wendy and Jimmy, as well as Ava and JP, made it to Reddit, thanks to u/PrincessCG. This caused some viewers to express their dismay at the two couples being cut, while others weren’t surprised. “Was just telling my wife that there MUST be more engagements sometimes, it always seems like they cap them at 5,” one user wrote. “Of course they didnt cast the azn contestants,” one of several angry commenters wrote. “I wish we’d seen them more regardless, this season felt rushed and kind of empty by the weddings,” another Love Is Blind season 4 user complained.

Sources: People, Wendi Kong/Instagram, u/PrincessCG/Reddit

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