90 Day Fiancé cast member Juan David Daza’s Love In Paradise season 3 debut with Jessica Parsons is creating quite a stir thanks to his job. The 29-year-old Juan from Cali, Colombia, and American woman Jessica is the latest loved-up couple in the TLC franchise. After having found love in the Caribbean, Jessica and Juan are building a future together, and this involves them staying as a family with her two sons Dayton and Dawson for a week. Episode 1 of the 90DF spin-off saw Jessica go to Juan’s country with the kids and her friend Megan, while also revealing she has proof that Juan allegedly cheated on her.

The 29-year-old 90 Day Fiancé star Jessica, eventually plans on bringing Juan to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. But before that happens, Juan has to adjust to life as a stepdad. Dayton is eight and Dawson is six, and Jessica had them with her ex-husband who she was married to for two years. Jessica’s husband co-parents while she takes her frequent trips to meet Juan every month. Juan met Jessica’s boys once in person, and they often talk on call and via video chat. Because Juan was working most of the time he didn’t get the “full sense” of what it’s like to raise two “crazy, energetic boys.”

What Juan David Daza From 90 Day Fiancé Does For Work

With 90 Day Fiancé star Juan having a week off work, Jessica took the kids with her to stay with Juan in Colombia and it’s already creating a problem because Juan fears he won’t get enough time alone with their mom. Juan has been bartending on cruises for the past three years. It’s mostly the cruises that go to the Caribbean Sea. “I’m always in paradise,” Juan told the Love In Paradise cameras. According to Juan, he’s “definitely known” as the “hot bartender” on the ship. Single ladies usually hit on Juan while he’s at work. Juan looks into their eyes and throws in a wink to get tips from these women.

How 90 Day Fiancé’s Juan’s Job Helped Him Meet Jessica

For the single guy it’s the perfect job,” Juan declared during his 90 Day Fiancé debut. However, Juan’s relationship status also changed when he met Jessica on one of the cruise ships. Jessica was on the cruise two and a half years ago with Megan. Juan’s “beautiful green eyes” and “accent” caught the attention of Jessica when she was at the casino, making her melt “then and there.” Juan and Jessica flirted through the whole cruise, to exchange numbers later, after which they started talking all the time. After nine months, Jessica started traveling every month to see Juan, both on the cruise and in Colombia.

Are 90 Day Fiancé Couple Juan & Jessica Still Together

Juan and Jessica got engaged eight months before filming 90 Day Fiancé’s Love In Paradise. What Jessica loves the most about Juan is how he makes her incredibly happy and supports all of her wildest dreams. To Jessica, Juan is the “greatest adventure” she’s ever had. And one look at Jessica and Juan’s Instagram pages reveals they are not only together, but Jessica is also pregnant with her third baby, and this time Juan is the dad. They are expecting their baby Daza Londoño in June 2023. Jessica and Juan aren’t probably married yet, but she can’t wait to officially become Mrs. Daza.

Source: Juan David Daza/Instagram, Jessica Parsons/Instagram

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