Warrior Nun showrunner and creator Simon Barry addresses the show’s future for season 3 and beyond following its cancellation by Netflix late last year. The fantasy action series was cancelled in December 2022, one month after season 2 dropped on Netflix. Since then, fans and Barry himself have participated in a campaign to revive Warrior Nun, vying for a continuation of Ava and the Order of the Cruciform Sword’s story.

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Barry reveals the ideas that are being considered for the show’s continuation past the end of season 2. Currently, the options being explored are a Warrior Nun season 3 with another streaming platform, a series of films, an animated follow-up, or a graphic novel continuation. Barry also says there’s a strong intention to keep Warrior Nun going, a statement which can be read below:

I do know from Productivity Media, the people who own the rights, that their intention is to find a way to keep going.

What To Expect From A Warrior Nun Continuation

Fan efforts to revive Warrior Nun season 3 have involved a massive amount of dedication both online and offline. There have been many pushes on Twitter for streaming services like Apple TV+ and Paramount+ to bring the series to their platforms and continue Ava’s story. Offline, fans have put up multiple billboards internationally in an effort to raise awareness about Warrior Nun‘s cancellation and underscore their dedication to saving it.

Barry’s latest update provides concrete hope that Warrior Nun will continue in some capacity, even if it’s not as traditional as a season 3. No matter how it does so, the next entry in the series will likely see Ava returning from Reya’s dimension after going through the Ark at the end of season 2. Beatrice also left the OCS in a post-credits scene in season 2, episode 8, meaning a continuation could focus on a dual storyline with Ava and Beatrice at the forefront.

Regardless, it’s clear that Barry and fans’ dedication to the show makes it likely it will find a way to keep going. Despite the possible change in medium to film, animation, or comic, it’s clear there is still plenty of story left for the series no matter how it continues. With so many options for the show’s future, it would be surprising if Warrior Nun didn’t continue into season 3 or a different medium to tell the rest of its story.

Source: Empire Magazine

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