Following a season of massive backlash, Vanderpump Rules‘ disgraced star Tom Sandoval was set to spend time resting at Miraval Resort, which posted a vague, now-deleted response to the bartender’s stay, resulting in Tom’s “disappointment.” This has not been an easy time Tom, due to stressors of his own making. Just two months ago, news of an affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss broke the Internet, sending both of the heavily shamed Vanderpump Rules cast members into a fall from grace, as many began to dig in on the duo’s deception. Tom has not made any of the criticism lighter, as his comments thus far include deflection.


Reddit user RefrigeratorFuture95 captured and shared Tom’s recent Instagram Story, which was in made in response to the resort posting an image containing the lyrics of the Vanderpump Rules theme song, referencing the attention Miraval Arizona Resort had likely received from Tom’s (leaked to the public) upcoming stay.

In Tom’s Instagram Story, he began by saying that he is “beyond disappointed,” expressing that “their decision to post to their instagram account” about his upcoming stay shows that they are, in his opinion, not a “refuge for wellness.” In his statement, Tom called out the resort for feeding into “the negativity and spectacle” that has since “engulfed” his life.

Vanderpump Rules Fans Call Out Tom Sandoval’s Hypocrisy

Vanderpump Rules fans are heated, with many citing Tom’s explosive interview with Howie Mandel as the reason why no one should feel sorry for him over this. “It’s insane that he would take this stance and try to ‘call them out’ when he literally just did an hour-long podcast outing things Ariana talked about in therapy and putting her down for mental health,” pointed out bword___. When the affair first broke, Tom’s bar Schwartz & Sandys was hit with criticism, which he denounced. “So is Tom now saying it IS OK to publicly call out a business because of how individuals who work there have treated people…?” asked AdComfortable3166, pointing out Tom’s hypocrisy.

Tom is clearly tired of being the subject of contempt. However, he needs to note that the public’s inability to move forward is, in part, due to his constant mode of deflection and misplaced anger. Tom is the king of saying “I’m sorry, but...,” as pointed out on Vanderpump Rules when producers compiled a montage of Tom’s heavily used line of blame avoidance. If Tom truly wants to spend the time putting in the work to better himself mentally, then refraining from commenting for a bit could serve him well, as every apology or reaction made after the affair has included a misguided slam at others.

While Miraval Resort probably should not have taken part in poking fun of this evolving situation, they are not a mental health retreat. Instead, they are a pricey spa, offering alcohol and enrichment classes, such as cooking, where people can escape their daily troubles. Tom clearly needs an escape, and his feelings of violation over this being mocked surely stung, hence his response. However, his own actions have caused far worse pain to others, which he has still not fully acknowledged sans blaming others. Hopefully, Vanderpump Rules season 11 will show a reflective side of Tom, where the “buts” and blames cease, allowing proper healing for all involved.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Sources: RefrigeratorFuture95/Reddit Schwartz and Sandys/Instagram

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