The superhero sitcom The Thundermans centers around a likable cast of characters making up its titular family. In the tradition of such superhero teams as the Fantastic Four, the Incredibles, and the Strongholds, The Thundermans are a family of diversely gifted individuals. Their eponymous show involves their attempt to secretly assimilate as ordinary suburbanites in the fictional town of Hiddenville. Originally broadcast on Nickelodeon from 2013 to 2018, The Thundermans has since acquired a larger fanbase thanks to the show being available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount Plus. Its growing popularity has even led to the production of a TV movie revival titled The Thundermans Return.


Throughout its impressively lengthy four-season run, The Thundermans‘ 98 episodes mostly centered around the two eldest siblings, twins Phoebe and Max, while subplots would concern their parents and younger siblings. The core cast members of the show remain mostly known for their roles among the Thunderman clan. However, one actor who played a recurring character has become rather successful and famous following his stint on the sitcom. Here is a guide to the main and supporting cast of The Thundermans, who plays each character, and what else they’re known for.

Kira Kosarin As Phoebe Thunderman

Phoebe is the Thundermans’ teenage daughter who begins the show attempting to balance life as a typical high schooler and her dreams of following in her parents’ footsteps as a superhero. Her alter-ego is Thunder Girl and her powers include telekinesis, freeze breath, heat breath, and eventually “Thundersense.” Kira Kosarin co-leads the cast of The Thundermans as the character and reprises her role in The Thundermans Return as a full-fledged adult superhero. During her time on the sitcom, she also starred in the Nickelodeon movie One Crazy Cruise. Since The Thundermans‘ end, she had a recurring role on the Hulu horror series Light as a Feather.

Jack Griffo As Max Thunderman

Jack Griffo As Max Thunderman-1

Phoebe’s twin brother, Max, is often her biggest enemy, mostly just as a nuisance. Max aims to be a supervillain throughout The Thundermans, though he does love his family and ultimately sides with them on most matters. His powers are the same as his twin’s: telekinesis, freeze breath, heat breath. Max is played on the show by Jack Griffo, who also returns for The Thundermans Returns. Being a cast member on The Thundermans remains his biggest role, but he’s also known for playing the love interest, Brett, in the Nickelodeon TV movie Jinxed, Billy in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, and Dylan on the great Netflix sitcom Alexa & Katie.

Chris Tallman As Hank Thunderman

Chris Tallman As Hank Thunderman-1

Hank, the patriarch of the Thundermans, is the secret identity of the world-famous superhero Thunder Man. Since retiring and relocating to the suburbs, though, he’s let himself go a bit and tries to avoid using his powers. Those abilities include super-strength and flight, the latter including spaceflight. Before and since joining the cast of The Thundermans as Hank, Chris Tallman has been known for his recurring appearances in Reno 911! as well as the movie Reno 911! Miami. He also played DJ in Werner Herzog’s Rescue Dawn, attorney Wendell Adams on Parks and Recreation, and Dr. Daniel Bloom in the web series Timebelt, which he also co-wrote, directed, and produced.

Rosa Blasi As Barb Thunderman

Rosa Blasi As Barb Thunderman-1

The Thundermans matriarch, Barb, was also a well-known superhero before settling down with Hank in Hiddenville. Her alias is Electress due to her ability to control electricity and lightning. Rosa Blasi, who plays Barb on the show, previously had a recurring role on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, played Maria in the creepy 2004 horror movie The Grudge, and starred as Dr. Luisa Delgado on the Lifetime medical drama Strong Medicine. Though she has continued acting since her main cast role on The Thundermans, including a reprisal for The Thundermans Return, Blasi also went back to school after the show and became a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Addison Riecke As Nora Thunderman

Addison Riecke As Nora Thunderman-1

The youngest member of the Thundermans clan and the show’s cast until baby sister Chloe is introduced in season 2, Nora presents as sweet and cute but has a mischievous side. She is mostly seen with her brother Billy, keeping him in line. Her superhero alias is Laser Girl due to her power of laser eyes. Nora is played by Addison Riecke, who can also be seen in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled as one of the girls at the Miss Martha Farnsworth Seminary for Young Ladies and one of the leads on the Brat TV show A Girl Named Jo. She reprises her role as Nora in The Thundermans Return.

Diego Velazquez As Billy Thunderman

Diego Velazquez As Billy Thunderman-1

The Thundermans’ middle child, Billy, often displays a lack of intelligence that is played for comic effect on the show — though this is eventually made sad by the implication that he suffered brain trauma at birth. Similar to Dash in The Incredibles, he’s a hyperactive child who fittingly has the power of speed. His alias is Kid Quick, and he’s played by Diego Velazquez. Before being cast on The Thundermans, Velazquez appeared in the movie Extraordinary Measures as one of the children of Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell’s characters. He later co-starred on the Brat TV show Zoe Valentine and reprises his role as Billy in The Thundermans Return.

Maya Le Clark As Chloe Thunderman

Maya Le Clark As Chloe Thunderman-1

The baby of the family, Chloe joined The Thundermans‘ cast of characters at the end of season 2 when she was born quite suddenly. While the child’s initial superpower involves explosive bubbles, but she eventually develops the ability to teleport instead. She also grows rapidly from an infant to a four-year-old, with Maya Le Clark quickly taking over the role in the character’s first episode. After The Thundermans, Le Clark appeared in The Suicide Squad as the young version of Ratcatcher 2, and she reprises her role as Chloe in The Thundermans Return.

The Thundermans Supporting Cast & Characters

Harvey Guillen on The Thundermans as Cousin Blobbin

Harvey Guillén as Cousin Blobbin – Barb’s rich cousin, who used to be a sidekick known as the All American Blob. Since appearing in the cast of The Thundermans, Harvey Guillén has become famous for being part of the cast of What We Do in the Shadows, playing the lovable character Guillermo on the vampire-focused mockumentary series. He also voices Perrito in the movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and Nightwing on the animated series Harley Quinn.

Dana Snyder as Dr. Colosso – Prolific voice actor Dana Snyder plays Max’s mentor, the villain Dr. Colosso, mostly as a vocal performance since the character appears as a pet rabbit for most of the series. Snyder’s most famous voice roles include Master Shake on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Granny on Squidbillies, and Graballa the Hutt in various installments of Lego Star Wars.

Audrey Whitby as Cherry Seinfeld – Phoebe’s best friend, Cherry, and one of the few non heroes or villains eventually aware of the Thundermans’ superpowers. Before joining the cast of The Thundermans, Audrey Whitby was a regular on the Disney sketch comedy show So Random!, and since being on the show she starred in the Lifetime movie A Mother’s Revenge.

Helen Hong as Mrs. Wong – The pizza place owner, Mrs. Wong, is also the Thundermans’ neighbor. Helen Hong also plays Janet in the movie Inside Llewyn Davies, Emma on the show The Unicorn, and Tracy on Silicon Valley.

Barrett Carnahan as Link Evilman – Phoebe’s super-powered boyfriend, whose father is the villain Evilman. Since being part of the cast of The Thundermans, Barrett Carnahan has played young John Kreese in his Cobra Kai origin story and Aiden on the Netflix show Alexa & Katie.

Elijah Nelson as Evan – A classmate of Max and Phoebe’s who turns out to be an adult superhero assigned to protect them. Prior to joining the cast of The Thundermans, Elijah Nelson starred in the holiday movie All I Want for Christmas.

Keely Marshall as Sarah – A nerdy high schooler who befriends Phoebe and has a crush on Max. Keely Marshall also had a recurring role on the Disney show Kirby Buckets.

Ryan Whitney as Allison – Max’s girlfriend. Ryan Whitney also co-starred with Jack Griffo in the Sharknado movie franchise, in which she’s a regular, playing Ian Ziering and Tara Reid’s daughter, Claudia. Before joining the cast of The Thundermans, she was a regular on the Disney series Zeke and Luther.

Tanner Stine as Oyster – A guitarist in Max’s band who also dates Phoebe. Tanner Stine also co-starred on the show Impulse and plays Joey Johnson on the soap Days of Our Lives.

Kenny Ridwan as Gideon – Another member of Max’s band. Kenny Ridwan is also known for his role as Dave Kim on The Goldbergs.

Jake Borelli as Wolfgang – The German drummer in Max’s band who speaks mostly by just saying his name in different ways. Since The Thundermans, Jake Borelli has been a regular cast member on Grey’s Anatomy in the role of Dr. Levi Schmitt.

Daniele Gaither as Super President Evelyn Kickbutt – The head of the Hero League. Daniele Gaither was a regular on MADtv, appeared on a few episodes of Key & Peele, and voiced various characters on BoJack Horseman.

Jeff Meacham as Principal Bradford – The disgruntled principal at Max and Phoebe’s high school. During his time in the cast of The Thundermans, Jeff Meacham also had a regular role on Black-ish as Josh.

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