Amid a Blink-182 reunion with Tom Delong and performances by Bad Bunny, Gorillaz, and Frank Ocean came Knocked Loose at this weekend’s Coachella festival. Knocked Loose took the stage for a whopping 40 minutes and commanded the crowd to mosh themselves into the dirt.

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I mean seriously, the Coachella crowd was really digging Knocked Loose. It’s an awesome moment in both metal and hardcore history that’ll hopefully open the door for heavier acts to climb the ranks of major festivals, or at least introduce new fans to the genre.

Knocked Loose‘s set ran as follows, which included opening with a new song!

  1. Currently unknown new song
  2. “God Knows”
  3. “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory”
  4. “Belleville” (w/ “Forget Your Name” intro)
  5. “Where Light Divides the Holler”
  6. “By the Grave”
  7. “Denied by Fate”
  8. “Deadringer”
  9. “Mistakes Like Fractures”
  10. “Billy No Mates”
  11. “Counting Worms”

Oh, and shout out to the dude in the third video down who stage dove and was caught by nobody. Hopefully they’re alright.

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