The second season of Sweet Tooth is coming soon to Netflix, and it seems as though this latest installment will be much darker and edgier than the first, which may actually improve the fantasy series as a whole. Sweet Tooth is a television series based on comics by Jeff Lemire. The story revolves around Gus, a deer-boy hybrid, who is in search of his estranged mother in a world where a deadly virus threatens society and hybrid children are at constant risk.


Although Sweet Tooth season 1 became well-known for its optimistic tone and colorful, fantasy setting, Sweet Tooth season 2 is taking a turn into a much darker story. This is evidenced by the season 2 trailer, which shows Gus being held captive with other hybrid children by General Abbot, Dr. Singh being forced to experiment on the hybrids in exchange for his wife, and Jepperd and Aimee fighting against the Last Men to get Gus and the kids back. While the first season felt more like an adventure and deep dive into Sweet Tooth’s world, the second season will have much higher stakes and more intense storylines.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Will Balance Dark With Light

The transition into a darker tone in Sweet Tooth season 2 will benefit the series because it will equal out the lightness of season 1 to create a more dynamic and realistic story. Though the joyful ambiance of the first season helped Sweet Tooth gain viewers, this positive outlook can’t last forever, especially considering the stakes in the Sweet Tooth world. With a lethal virus that lacks a cure and intense prejudice against hybrid children, it would be impossible for the series to remain totally lighthearted. In this way, the series introduces a lovable character in Sweet Tooth’s deer-hybrid Gus before slowly bringing audiences into the dark reality of his situation.

Furthermore, the descent into more serious content will not only help round out Sweet Tooth as a whole but will also develop its main character. Gus is a strong, sweet character, but in season 1 he lacks independence and needs Jepperd’s protection. In season 2, separated from his guardians, Gus will have to become his own protector, thereby making him a much stronger, fiercer character. The darkness will allow him to become a hero for himself and the other hybrid children, creating a perfect character arc from where he started in season 1.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Will Be More Like The Source Material

Gus in Sweet Tooth Comic

Though it’s not necessary for an adaptation to be exactly like its source material, Sweet Tooth will definitely benefit from pulling more directly from Jeff Lemire’s comics. In fact, season 1 of Sweet Tooth diverged from the comics so much, it seemed unlikely that any of the violence and upsetting content that Lemire wrote would appear in the series at all, making it almost entirely new. However, with season 2’s change in tone, it seems as though Lemire’s influence will come through, and in this way, will allow Netflix’s Sweet Tooth to stay true to the original themes and meanings of the comics.

By delving into a darker place that is more grounded in the source material, Sweet Tooth will have a more interesting story that focuses on the joys of humanity and the terrors of it. Though the second season may not be as light as the first, it will most likely continue to engage and awe audiences with new scenery, relationships, and twists. Sweet Tooth season 2 premieres on Netflix on April 27.

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