Horror director Rob Savage builds the hype for his upcoming movie The Boogeyman based on the Stephen King short story of the same name, claiming to be his scariest movie to date. The film tells the story of two girls who are reeling from the recent death of their mother when they are haunted by a supernatural presence in their home and must get the attention of their grieving father before it’s too late. Sophie Thatcher, David Dastmalchian, and Chris Messina star, with Stranger Things director Shawn Levy producing.


Savage recently spoke with Empire Magazine about how his upcoming supernatural horror The Boogeyman compares to his previous films and other King adaptations. He noted the reputation of the classic Stanley Kubrick horror The Shining, which King infamously detested, and hoped The Boogeyman wouldn’t be subject to a similar fate. Read on for his full quote:

I was worried that sometimes you can end up in the King graveyard without even being in the King graveyard. His opinions on The Shining are famously known. You’ve got to try and make a classic movie. And I think this is the scariest movie I’ve ever made. I think this is scarier than Host.

Where Can The Boogeyman Rank Among Stephen King Horror Adaptations?

In his prolific career as an author, King has penned a great many horror stories, many of which have been adapted for the big screen. Some have been better received than others, with notable gems including The Shining, IT, and Carrie. These stories all prominently feature at least one child, often utilizing primal fears and corrupting the innocence of childhood to effectively convey its nightmarish horror. The Boogeyman star Dastmalchian has already made the bold claim that the movie is one of the scariest he’s seen in a while.

The Boogeyman still has a lot of competition if it is to be heralded as one of the best King horror adaptations. Thankfully, director Savage already has experience in the horror realm. His 2020 pandemic film Host is a high-concept horror movie where six friends hold a séance over Zoom, resulting in an evil entity invading their homes. Host has amassed a large cult following since its release and has been praised by audiences for its simple but effective horror.

The Boogeyman has already stirred a lot of hype from people who are excited to be terrified at the scares present in the movie, as well as its horrifying creature which could rival Pennywise from IT. It seems that this latest King adaptation already has the makings of being one of the most memorable transitions of one of his works to the big screen, and he has already given it his blessing.

Source: Empire Magazine

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