Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend has testified about the alleged abuse she suffered at the rapper’s hands in 2019, showcasing photos of her injuries.

Kayla Meyers sued the “Crank That” rapper over an alleged attack she experienced at a party in February 2019. She later filed a lawsuit against Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) and his assistant Tevin Anderson for sexual battery.

The alleged assault and kidnapping occurred at the rapper’s Malibu home and reportedly lasted for six hours. As Myers was leaving, an argument ensued between her and one of Soulja’s assistants.

As mentioned in the lawsuit, Myers claims she was knocked to the ground and kicked in the stomach. She also alleges Soulja told her she was going to die as he held a “large” gun to her head.

Big Draco then allegedly directed a different assistant to tie her up with duct tape and shower her to clean her up from the beating she received. She claims Anderson offered to let her go if she performed oral sex on him, which she did.

Myers was allegedly allowed to leave at 8 a.m., with Soulja supposedly making the remark: “Now get this bitch outta here before I knock her down the stairs.”

According to Radar Online, Meyers took the stand in the civil trial on April 11 and 12, and showed the jury photos of her alleged injuries, including three fractured ribs.

She also showed texts and DM’s allegedly sent to her by Soulja Boy, but no further details were available.

The SODMG founder was never criminally charged for the assault, but cops later discovered weapons in his home, which violated his probation. He has denied any wrongdoing and blamed a third party for Myers’ injuries.

The news comes after Soulja Boy threatened to “blow up” New Jersey after fans in the Garden State chose $250 in food stamps over dinner with the “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” hitmaker.

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He later attempted to apologize on Instagram Live, only for his broadcast to descend into yet more violent threats after a viewer left a comment claiming he was banned from stepping foot in Jersey.

“See, look, I’m trying to be nice… Aye, n-gga. Fuck New Jersey, n-gga! We gonna come and blow that shit up, that’s what I’m saying, man,” he yelled. “I’m done trying to apologize, I’m done trying to talk about this shit. Suck my dick, n-gga. Fuck New Jersey, n-gga. And fuck all y’all fans. Suck my dick, n-gga.”

He continued: “Every time I come on here and try to apologize and keep it right… Fuck New Jersey, n-gga. We’ll come blow that shit up. We’ll come shoot that shit up. Y’all ain’t got shit. Y’all n-ggas broke. Fuck y’all, n-gga. I’m done apologizing. Fuck Jersey, I’m standing on it. Suck a dick.”

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