If you thought there was any way Randy Rainbow was not burning the midnight oil coming up with a parody song tackling former president Donald Trump’s historic indictment in a New York last week, well, you just don’t know Randy.

The parody king who mines beloved Broadway tunes and pop hits to make pointed social and political ditties was back at it on Monday (April 3), twisting up Don Raye and Hughie Prince’s WWII jump blues “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” into a hilariously scathing takedown of the twice-impeached former commander in chief.

The 1941 song, popularized by the Andrews Sisters, is flipped on its head to reflect the potential legal pitfalls facing the former reality show host who is slated to be arraigned and fingerprinted in his former New York hometown on Tuesday (April 4). The bit opens with Randy doing a fake interview with Trump, in which The Donald asks if the singer would endorse his third bid for the presidency.

“I’d rather go skiing with Gwyneth Paltrow,” Randy responds in the music video bearing the proudly “fake news” headline “Donald Trump Indicted AF.” Telling DT, “girl, you need to update your act” after Trump trots out the usual “fake news” tropes, Rainbow offers up a fresh campaign slogan for the one-term leader who is facing multiple criminal indictments from New York to Atlanta and Florida.

“Something catchy, you know, like your chlamydia, but that really also reminds people what you’re all about,” says Rainbow, slipping on pink cat-eye glasses and asking Trump for some pitches. After the usual litany of gripes, Randy informs Trump that he’s afraid this time he’s going down. And then, of course, Randy breaks into song.

“He was a sleazy showbiz phony born in NYC/ Who somehow won the White House over Hillary/ Then after one term got the sack/ When Biden pummeled his ass, but now he wants to come back,” a trio of Randy’s sings over the swinging jazzy arrangement.

“He’s been indicted though/ And so he’s making scenes/ He’s the grumpy Trumpy felon from Jamaica in Queens,” Rainbow sings on the retrofitted chorus. The singer then digs right into the heart of the matter facing Trump: his alleged hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels during Trump’s 2016 presidential run to reportedly cover up an extramarital affair.

“He met a lovely lady who performed on screen/ She started yappin’ in two thousand and sixteen/ And so he signed a bunch of checks/ Cuz he’s disgusting and so he had to pay her for sex/ Looks like a butternut squash and his hair is bleached/ He’s the bloated orange lunatic who’s twice been impeached,” Rainbow sings.

Randy then makes it personal, repeatedly calling Trump a “loser” and a cheat, who “makes Melania puke,” as well as a “Cheeto-lookin’, coochie snatchin’ treasonous crook.” You get the picture.

Watch Randy Rainbow’s “Grumpy Trumpy Felon From Jamaica Queens” video below.


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