Even those who appeared to have “made it” often feel like they don’t belong amid the spoils of their success.

Indeed, imposter syndrome is something many artists grapple with, and singer/songwriter Quinn XCII is no different. The artist (whose name is pronounced “Quinn 92”) recently sat down with Billboard News to discuss the phenomenon and more.

“I definitely had it at Corden, for sure,” he says of his appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden earlier this year. “I think Corden was a moment where I was really self-reflective of like ‘Why are you guys here for me?’ … But I think it’s beautiful, though, because you have those sort of stop-and-smell-the-roses moments of reflection, and I think we need more of that.”

The Michigan-born, Los Angeles-based artist also discusses his latest album, The People’s Champ, his fifth album in six years, released Jan. 27 via Republic Records.

“I’ve noticed quite a bit more that strangers have been put on to my music,” he says. “I don’t know if that’s just persistence in making five albums, but it’s been great seeing the fans who have been with me since day one liking it, but also these new people who are coming to my music for the first time.”

He says the reason behind such a prolific numbers of albums over a short period of time is the therapeutic qualities that making music has for him. “Even if i’m just off the heels of a recent album, I’m ready to get back into album-making mode,” he says, “simply because it’s good for me.”

Four of Quinn XCII’s albums have charted on the Billboard 200, with From Michigan With Love reaching No. 90 in 2019, A Letter to My Younger Self hitting No. 56 in 2020, Change of Scenery II going to No. 69 in 2021 and The People’s Champ hitting No. 180 this past February.

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