Nicki Minaj wants to take a trip to the U.K. next month for the coronation of Charles III and his wife, Camilla.  


The royal couple will be crowned king and queen of England on May 6, and the Queens, NY icon wants a seat at the table. On Monday (Apr. 17), Nicki Minaj resurrected her British alter-ego to joke with her Twitter followers that she will be a guest of honor at the royal event, seated beside the king’s youngest son, Harry.  

“I’ll be attending the coronation. Thank you,” Nicki tweeted before telling her fans to stream “Princess Diana,” her new single with Ice Spice, until she arrives in London. “Scones on dekk. Whole lotta gang sh!t.” 

Nicki Minaj tapped into her best British accent in a series of follow-up tweets about King Charles’s coronation. “Fank you. Proper excited, really. Yes, it appears there was one seat open right next to Harry,” she added. “I rang his telly & said: ‘You be Harry Potter, & I’ll be Hermoine’ We both loffed. 🤭 Met him on the jet 🛩️ and now here we are 👋🏽” 

The “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” hitmaker quickly obliged when a fan asked her to record a voice note. 

“Rather excited really. Well, I got the news earlier this morning,” Nicki said in her U.K. twang. She repeated her story but added some instructions for Prince Harry.  

 “Anyway, I’m on the G – Harry, is this a G5 or a G6?” Nicki Minaj continued. “Have they prepared my landing strip? We need to notify the Barbz of where we’re landing so that they could be outside waiting for me. And when we get back, make sure to call up… Yes. Make sure she handles the press on all this. Queen s###. Brrr!” Listen to the story below.  

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