Nicki Minaj will be sitting next to Prince Harry at King Charles’ coronation ceremony. Okay, maybe not, but she did say that she would be in a tweet. However, she was clearly just promoting her new verse on the “Princess Diana” remix. The track dropped Friday, and fans have been losing it ever since. Nicki had been rumored to collab with up and coming rapper Ice Spice for a while. The two were showing each other quite a bit of love on social media, so fans new it was only a matter of time. It also seems that Nicki may have signed Ice Spice to her record label, Heavy On It. That isn’t yet confirmed, however.

The “Princess Diana” remix doesn’t deviate significantly from the original song, apart from Nicki’s verse. Despite that, the track is impressive. The beat was already great, so there was not much of a need for further changes. However, Nicki’s verse adds a necessary variation that breaks up the track, preventing it from becoming monotonous. Now, with the differentiation between the Ice and Nicki’s parts, the song remains interesting throughout. The Queen of Rap was just what the track needed to make it a potential summer hit.

Nicki’s UK Plans

Nicki took to Twitter to joke about attending the coronation. It seems like the queen is in a good mood following the positive response to the remix. ” es, it appears there was one seat open right next to Harry,” Nicki tweeted. “I rang his telly & said: ‘You be Harry Potter, & I’ll be Hermione.’” She continued to show her humor with several follow-up tweets, delighting the Barbz who missed Nicki’s theatrical side. Nicki also took the opportunity to post a long voice note where she “spoke to” Prince Harry in her famous British accent.

“Anyway, I’m on the G – Harry, is this a G5 or a G6? Have they prepared my landing strip? We need to notify the Barbz of where we’re landing so that they could be outside waiting for me,” Nicki said in the voice note. “And when we get back, make sure to call up… Yes. Make sure she handles the press on all this. Queen sh*t. Brrr!” What do you think of the “Princes Diana” remix? Let us know in the comments!

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