Monster Hunter Now is a mobile game that offers players a chance to experience the elements of the franchise they love in a new setting. The upcoming release comes from a collaboration between Niantic (Pokémon GO) and Monster Hunter developer Capcom. Screen Rant attended a special presentation from team members of both developers to learn more about what players can expect from Monster Hunter Now.

Monster Hunter Now is a multiplayer action title just like others in the series, but with a different spin. The conceit of the game is that the Monster Hunter universe has begun seeping into the real world, bringing with it creatures that players will encounter as they explore their neighborhood. The mobile title aims to appeal to both new and veteran players; accessible enough for beginners who are looking for a fresh AR experience, but with enough skill-building potential and lore for Monster Hunter connosieurs.

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Just as in other Niantic titles, Monster Hunter Now will utilize wayspots, the same mechanic that lets players nominate Pokémon Go PokéStops at relevant locations. These wayspots will serve as points that important materials can be found or monsters can be encountered, the former of which can be used to forge new equipment and upgrade existing items. Niantic stated that a player’s map will be split into different ecological areas, each of which will contain varying types of creatures.

The battles of Monster Hunter Now are designed for quick play, always lasting no longer than 75 seconds. Players can bring friends with them to hunt together, or use an in-game matching feature to automatically be paired with others in the surrounding area to take down creatures. The actual mechanics of fighting in Monster Hunter Now are mostly under wraps until the launch of the beta, but it was stated that the aforementioned initial release will come with three weapon types: sword & shield, great sword, and light bow gun.

A new paintball feature will let players mark monsters they encounter along their day-to-day commute, allowing them to fight it out later. This means hunters can save creatures to tackle back at home with friends and family, or for when they simply have more time. The adorable Palico can mark creatures players pass with the paintball automatically even when players aren’t actively playing Monster Hunter Now, and will also help them with gathering materials.

There’s still a lot to learn about Monster Hunter Rise, like the finer mechanics of combat and more details about the microtransactions that were briefly mentioned during the presentation. However, it’s clear that Capcom and Niantic have been working closely together to develop this new way for players to hunt with friends while still maintaining the core ideals of the franchise. Players can find out more about Monster Hunter Rise in its upcoming beta beginning later this month, or in its final release this fall.

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Monster Hunter Now will release for mobile platforms this September. Players can sign up for the upcoming beta test beginning today, April 18, on the Monster Hunter Now website, which will start April 25. Screen Rant attended a press presentation for the purpose of this preview.

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