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Celebrity NewsMenulog’s New Campaign Features Christina Aguilera and Latto in a Lavish Feast

Menulog’s New Campaign Features Christina Aguilera and Latto in a Lavish Feast

Christina Aguilera and Latto are starring in a lavish new campaign for Menulog, Australia’s leading food delivery platform. The campaign, which was created by McCann London, is set to launch on October 16, 2023, and will feature a TV commercial, digital ads, and social media content.

The TV commercial opens with Aguilera and Latto dressed in baroque-style outfits as operatic queens. They are both offered an array of their favorite Menulog food, including tacos, poke bowls, and fresh Thai salad. Delivery couriers and operatic suitors perform elaborate choreography around them.

The commercial then cuts to a montage of Aguilera and Latto enjoying their Menulog food, while singing along to a new song called “Did Somebody Say.” The song is a catchy and upbeat hip-hop and opera mash-up that celebrates the amazing quality and selection of food found on Menulog.

The campaign is designed to appeal to Menulog’s target audience of millennials and Gen Z consumers. It highlights the convenience and variety of Menulog’s food delivery service, as well as its support for local restaurants.

“We’re thrilled to have Christina Aguilera and Latto star in our new campaign,” said Menulog CEO Simon Cheng. “They are two of the most iconic and talented artists in the world, and they perfectly embody the spirit of Menulog. We’re confident that this campaign will resonate with our target audience and help us to continue to grow our business in Australia.”

The campaign has been praised by critics for its creativity and originality. The TV commercial has been described as “visually stunning” and “the perfect way to celebrate the diversity of Australian cuisine.”

The song “Did Somebody Say” has also been well-received, with critics calling it “a catchy and upbeat track that is sure to get stuck in your head.”

Overall, the Menulog campaign featuring Christina Aguilera and Latto is a success. It is a creative and original campaign that is sure to appeal to Menulog’s target audience.tunesharemore_vert

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