While it may seem like a joke, Marvel once released a comic printed on official toilet paper – a story which returned this April Fool’s Day. Releasing in 1979 in a broader partnership with novelty good company Oh Dawn!, the comic’s story features Spider-Man and the Hulk. While it has since become a bit of a legend among comic fans – and an impossible-to-find piece of merch – Marvel has officially released it as a digital comic for fans to enjoy.

Re-released on April Fool’s Day this year, the comic story, titled ‘The Gamma Gambit’ has undergone a title change in Marvel Unlimited. Spider-Man & Hulk: Toilet Paper Infinity Comic is what fans will need to look for in the app to read the 1979 special, which still features the original art and coloring (all blue). The comic has the creative team of Jim Salicrup and Michael Higgins. Both are credited at the comic’s conclusion, alongside Annie Cheng (Associate Manager, Digital), Tim Smith 3 (Sr. Manager, Digital), C. B. Cebulski (Editor in Chief), with special thanks to Steve Wacker.


Spider-Man & Hulk’s Toilet Paper Comic Returns

‘The Gamma Gambit’ features a team-up in which Peter Parker and Bruce Banner are attending the same demonstration of a gamma generator. However, an interruption by the Leader and a surprise attack on Peter leads to Bruce transforming into the Hulk to protect him – not recognizing his occasional ally out of costume. After changing, Spider-Man assists with defeating and detaining the Leader, while also realizing that the Hulk has an alternate form full of goodness. This leads him to know the Hulk isn’t just a monster the way many think he is. While toilet paper is an unorthodox printing medium, the story is a rather good one that provides a decent introduction to both characters.

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spider-man toilet paper comic gamma gambit

Even in the wild world of fandom, toilet paper was an unusual choice, and the gimmick didn’t catch on. Marvel’s decision to partner with Oh Dawn! led to one of its wildest comic promotions ever – one which had become a pseudo-urban legend, with ‘pages’ sporadically shared online with fans who had tracked down the adventure.

Marvel’s Infinity Comics have brought fans more adventures starring fan-favorite characters, while also allowing little-known characters with few appearances to have the spotlight. The Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic has highlighted several incredible heroes, while offerings like Marvel Meow, It’s Jeff!, and Alligator Loki have allowed the company’s animal stars to shine. However, Spider-Man & Hulk: Toilet Paper Infinity Comic might just be the subscription service’s most unexpected offering. Now, Marvel fans can read the infamous toilet paper comic for themselves.

Spider-Man & Hulk: Toilet Paper Infinity Comic is available now via Marvel Unlimited.

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