Paul Peden has accused Love Is Blind host Vanessa Lachey for having a personal bias toward him after their back and forth during the Love Is Blind season 4 live reunion. Paul, a scientist and analytical thinker, was engaged to Micah Lussier, certified mean girl and fashionista on Love Is Blind season 4. Their differences in personality were cute at times, but they certainly weren’t worth betting for in the end. Paul ended up being the one to say no at the altar in a shocking and partially satisfying twist, leaving Micah in tears. Vanessa had a lot to say about Micah and Paul’s ending at the reunion, with a particular focus on the latter.


Following the heated debate at the reunion surrounding Micah and Paul’s relationship, he claims Vanessa’s way of thinking stems from personal bias. In an interview with People, Paul expressed his issue with the conversation had with the Love Is Blind host. “I thought that I detected a little bit of personal bias there,” he said of Vanessa. Paul added that the hosts sell their roles as “objective neutral parties,” but he doesn’t find that to be true. He said that he understands their need to ask the questions they do but that it’s necessary to allow for “a full length conversation” then.

Paul Peden Compares Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion To “Interrogation”

Not only does Paul feel Vanessa is unfair, but he’s also calling out the entire structure of the reunion. Instead of allowing for the cast to engage in constructive conversation, Paul feels the hosts’ turned it into an “interrogation on issues.” Paul wouldn’t be the first to dislike the hosts approach, as viewers are also calling out Vanessa for her sexist comments and toxic behavior. Paul made it clear that he did not appreciate Vanessa’s targeted questioning, but added that he still feels confident in how he presented himself. “I think that no matter what you say, no matter what the conversation is, your character comes through in what you say.”

The Love Is Blind reunion episodes are always packed with drama and answers to the questions viewers have been waiting for. However, it seems to be the popular vote that the hosts’ approach and behavior need to be tweaked for future seasons. Paul’s accusation of Vanessa’s personal bias peaking through is justified, as many viewers felt the same. Vanessa’s questions and comments often provide the answers and responses viewers want to see, but her delivery needs to be better. It’s essential for both Vanessa and Nick to be neutral parties; otherwise, the responses and storylines won’t be accurately depicted.

Paul didn’t like how Vanessa treated him at the reunion and that feeling of his is justified. Her personal bias was clear and continues to be unfavorable to viewers and the stars alike. Paul labeling the approach as an “interrogation” is how it presents at several moments throughout the episode. In not allowing the cast to respond fully with their truth, the hosts don’t leave room for them to heal. Love Is Blind fans want to see the drama and “get the tea” but in agreement with Paul, not at the cost of making the cast feel targeted or uncomfortable.

Sources: People, @loveisblindnetflix/Instagram

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