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Celebrity NewsKeke Palmer appears to throw shade at her ex-boyfriend

Keke Palmer appears to throw shade at her ex-boyfriend

Yes, it seems that Keke Palmer took a jab at her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson in Usher’s new music video for “Boyfriend.”

In the video, Palmer is seen dancing and having fun with Usher, while Jackson is nowhere to be found. Palmer also makes a few references to Jackson’s comments about her outfit, such as when she says, “I’m so tired… I am a mother, after all.” This is a clear reference to Jackson’s comment that Palmer’s outfit was “inappropriate” for a mother.

The video has been interpreted by many as Palmer’s way of moving on from Jackson and showing that she is not bothered by his comments. It is also a way for her to reclaim her power and sexuality, which Jackson tried to take away from her.

Palmer has not commented on the video’s meaning, but it is clear that she is sending a message to Jackson. She is letting him know that she is not going to let him control her or dictate how she should dress or act.

The word “takes a jab” implies that Palmer is intentionally trying to insult or make fun of Jackson. However, the word “appears” leaves open the possibility that Palmer’s actions are not meant to be malicious. It is also possible that Palmer is simply moving on from her relationship with Jackson and is not trying to send him any kind of message.

Ultimately, the interpretation of the music video is up to the individual viewer. However, it is clear that Palmer is not afraid to express herself and that she is not going to let anyone dictate how she should live her life.

The music video has been praised by many for its empowering message. It is a reminder that women should not let anyone dictate how they should live their lives. They should be free to dress and act however they want, without fear of judgment.

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