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Tom Sandoval called out an Arizona resort for a social media post that he claims was directed at him—and  a fellow Bravo star mocked him.

In a post on his Instagram story on April 17, 2023, Sandoval slammed Miraval Resort & Spa for a post that quoted lyrics from the “Vanderpump Rules”  theme song. Sandoval, who has starred on the Bravo reality show since 2013, was rumored to have stayed at the resort while his mistress Raquel Leviss was also there seeking treatment for mental health issues, per a report from Perez Hilton.

The resort’s now-deleted post featured a photo of an empty bar and the caption,  “You know that it’s our time, these are the best days of our life,” which is the opening line to the VPR theme.

Tom Sandoval Responded to the Post & ‘Below Deck’ Star Kate Chastain Reacted

In his post, Sandoval expressed disappointment in the spa’s staff for allegedly exposing his plans, and he even called out the general manager.

“I’m beyond disappointed in @MiravalResorts @MiravalArizona and their decision to post to their Instagram account this past weekend alluding to me staying there this week,” Sandoval wrote. “They claim to be a refuge for wellness and betterment. But that is obviously false. They’d rather feed into the negativity and spectacle that has engulfed my life.”

The Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner explained that he had planned a peaceful trip to the resort – alone.  He did not mention Leviss in his post. “In a continuous effort to be healthy and work on myself, I planned a trip to go there completely alone to try to find some peace,” Sandoval wrote. “Miraval clearly isn’t the place for that.”

“Special shout-out to the general manager who refuses to take any responsibility for the actions of his team even though he considered the post ‘in poor taste.’ Regardless of where you stand in all this, we all deserve the chance to work to be better,” Sandoval concluded.

As of this writing, Miraval has not yet issued a comment on the situation.

Fans reacted to Sandoval’s rant on social media. While some did defend him and noted that it was unprofessional for the resort to post any type of hints about their guests, others questioned why he assumed the post was about him.

“What! That’s what they posted that is making him think it’s about him???” one commenter asked.

“Tom making this about himself and calling out Miraval while all of us talking about Rachel staying there is the Tomest thing Tom could do,” came another comment.

“The news that Rachel (and presumably Lord Douchebag) were heading to Miraval and not a real rehab center hit last week. He’s trying to create a victim narrative for himself. …Plus, he uses the personal pronoun ‘I’ more than any narcissist I have ever known,” another wrote.

“Below Deck” star also Kate Chastain chimed in to mock Sandoval. “You know that it’s our time, these are the best days of our life, Just raise your glasses high, this one’s for you tonight,” the Bravo star wrote on her Instagram story, before adding, “How dare I!”

This isn’t the first time Chastain has poked fun at Sandoval. Following his controversial post-affair interview on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast, she took to Twitter to write, “Can you imagine the call with his PR team after this …’Well Tom… we’ve seen the interview…at least you didn’t kill anyone’ ‘Well Tom…we’re not sure this is going to move the needle like you thought but you did seem comfortable and confident in your answers.”

Raquel Leviss Voluntarily Checked Into a Facility For Mental Health Counseling Amid the Backlash She has Received For Her Affair With Tom Sandoval

Raquel Leviss

GettyRaquel Leviss

In March 2023, Sandoval and Leviss were caught in the cheating scandal. After it was discovered that they had a months-long affair while Sandoval was living with Leviss’ close friend, Ariana Madix, the two were hit with backlash from nearly all of their “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars as well as fans of the show.

Days before Sandoval’s post, a rep for Leviss revealed that she was voluntarily entering a facility for “mental health counseling” and “trauma therapy.”

“She was scheduled to go in pre-reunion but decided she wanted to finish her filming commitment,” the rep told People. “Bravo and production were aware and in support of her journey towards better mental health.”

Since that time, there have been reports that Leviss’ stay is actually at the Miraval spa and wellness resort in Tucson, Arizona.

As for the status of his relationship with Leviss, in April 2023 Sandoval told the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast that he remains friends with her amid the scandal fallout. “We’re really good friends. We’re not putting any label on it,” he said. “We’re also just kind of taking like a break.”

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