Adam Warlock will debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but after Will Poulter was revealed as Adam at SDCC 2022, questions were raised as to who is stronger: Adam Warlock or Thanos. After years of Adam Warlock being teased in the MCU, Poulter’s casting was finally announced in October 2021, a dynamic casting choice of a talented actor for a character who is bound to have a huge impact on the MCU in the years to come. Adam Warlock debuted in Marvel Comics in 1967, designed to be the perfect human specimen, though he set out on his travels after rebelling against his creators.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will debut Adam in the MCU, a fitting introduction, as he often teamed up with the Guardians throughout his Marvel Comics career. Adam also received his “Warlock” moniker from the High Evolutionary, who has been billed as the antagonist for James Gunn’s final MCU installment. In the MCU, Adam Warlock was teased in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s post-credits scenes. Ayesha, the High Priestess of the Sovereign, created him to seek and destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy. Adam Warlock is likely to start out as a villain, and if he does, he could be as big a problem for the Guardians as Thanos.

Is Adam Warlock Stronger Than Thanos In Marvel Comics?

Though Thanos is one of the strongest entities in the galaxy, he is no match for Adam Warlock. Thanos is undoubtedly impressive, as his mutated Eternal lineage grants him the typical powers of a cosmic entity, including enhanced speed, strength, durability, stamina, and an elongated lifespan that is reminiscent of immortality. He’s also telekinetic and telepathic, as well as harboring the ability to manipulate cosmic energy. Most earthbound heroes are no match for him. However, Adam Warlock is not an earthbound hero, and his powers dwarf those of Thanos.

Thanos can technically be killed, while Adam Warlock can not, at least not permanently. Adam has the ability to resurrect himself after death, and his powers increase each time this occurs. Eventually, he gains the ability to manipulate mystical energy as well as cosmic, and to create matter out of nothing. Even more impressively he learns to harness the power of quantum energy, which gives him the ability to create portals, teleport, and travel faster than light-speed. Adam even has the ability to resurrect other beings, perform exorcisms, and read and manipulate auras. Thanos is impressive, but stacked up against Adam Warlock, he’s no match.

Why The MCU Didn’t Have Adam Warlock Fight Thanos In The Infinity Saga

adam warlock in his cocoon in guardians 2 post-credits scene

Adam Warlock is a major part of Marvel Comics’ Infinity Gauntlet storyline, but the MCU’s Infinity Saga wasn’t the right time to introduce the character. The MCU’s first three Phases introduced dozens of super-powerful characters, each who needed their own storylines and time to grow. Had the MCU’s Adam Warlock been introduced too soon, he would have stolen focus from other characters. From a story perspective, the battle with Thanos would have been over far more quickly had Adam Warlock factored into the equation. It wouldn’t have been the epic showdown that Endgame offered, nor had nearly the same emotional impact of the Avengers being up against someone almost unbeatable.

Will The MCU’s Adam Warlock Be More Powerful Than Thanos?

will poulter as adam warlock in guardians 3

Will Poulter will debut as the MCU’s Adam Warlock when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 releases on May 5, 2023, but audiences have already caught a glimpse at the MCU newcomer in trailers for the upcoming Phase 5 film. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s trailers show Adam Warlock battling the Guardians, probably in scenes that take place early in the film while Adam is still following his orders from the Sovereign. He appears to be a formidable enemy to the Guardians, putting up a remarkable fight and demonstrating abilities that Thanos could only dream of, so the Guardians must be pleased to eventually have Adam working alongside them.

It’s hard to say whether the MCU’s version of Adam Warlock will be more powerful than Thanos, though it’s entirely likely that he’ll be stronger than characters such as Captain Marvel. It would be deeply unfair to the character and a letdown to audiences to introduce Adam Warlock to the MCU and not make him as powerful as he is in Marvel Comics. To weaken him would cheapen his introduction and cause future problems for a character who should be an integral part of the MCU moving forward. With all that in consideration, it’s probable that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s Adam Warlock will be more powerful than Thanos.

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