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The Genshin Impact World Quest As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha sends the Traveler through the Girdle of the Sands to collect the Great Songs of Khvarena. At the start of the quest, players come across a locked ruins’ gate. Their NPC companion Nasejuna will read an excerpt from Rene’s Investigation Notes as a clue to unlocking the gate, but these notes can be confusing.

Rene’s Investigation Notes state that the three yellow gears to the side of the gate must show the square, triangle, and W symbols. The triangle rune must be at the bottom of the order and must connect with the square. When players interact with one of the three gears, they can turn it to show a different symbol. With these clues in hand, it is fairly simple to solve this puzzle in Genshin Impact.


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How To Solve The Ruins Gate Puzzle

As Rene’s Investigation Notes say, the triangle rune should stay in the bottom gear, so there is no need to touch that gear. To connect the triangle to the square, players should rotate the central gear to show the square symbol. This will put the W rune at the top of the stack. With this order solidified, the gate will open in a brief cutscene, allowing the Traveler, Paimon, Sorush, and Nasejuna access to the ruins beyond.

These ruins actually mimic the interior of one of the many Ruin Golems found throughout Sumeru, including the robot that’s killed thousands of Genshin Impact players. Once inside, Nasejuna will give the Traveler a schematic and ask them to find an energy crystal used to power the site.

To continue through the only open passage, players can use some Khvarena in a side tunnel to free a door switch, awakening some enemies along the way.

How To Solve The Second Ruins Gate Puzzle

The second locked ruin gate puzzle in Genshin Impact's Great Songs of Khvarena questline

After defeating the enemies trapped in the crystal, players will acquire the energy block they need and must search for a way out of the passage. Luckily, another path leads back to Nasejuna, locked behind a second gate. The Khvarena used earlier will wander around the room and occasionally pass by the wall behind the gears. When it does, it will reveal the order to turn the three gears; square, W, and square. After this, players have to fight some Ruin Guards and collect Genshin Impact‘s Great Song of Khvarena.

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