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The Extra Content Shop in Resident Evil 4 Remake has a lot of items that players can learn how to get, including the Wolf Tail, which drastically changes Leon’s gameplay. Purchased as an accessory in exchange for Challenge Points (CP), the Wolf Tail is included among five special items that change the player’s game mechanics. Unlike other cosmetics that are also bought with CP, this slightly ridiculous-looking item gives players a permanent boost that carries over throughout every chapter when equipped.

The Wolf Tail increases Leon’s melee damage, taking his physical attacks to the next level against all types of enemies. Every kick, punch, or suplex has boosted damage, but players have to equip this item to gain the benefit, not simply unlock it in the Extra Content Shop. Similar to how players can unlock the Cat Ears accessory for infinite ammo, this bonus only applies when players have beaten enough in-game challenges to purchase the Wolf Tail for CP first.

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How To Unlock The Wolf Tail

The only way to unlock the Wolf Tail accessory is to beat the game on Assisted difficulty with an S+ Rank. S+ Rank remains the highest score players can achieve when beating chapters of the story and are determined by how many times they save and how fast they beat every section. For Assisted Difficulty, it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid saving too much, but players who want that S+ Rank need to beat the whole game in under four hours.

Players need to beat the game on Assisted difficulty with an S+ Rank to unlock the Wolf Tail accessory in the Extra Content Shop.

Going to the Extra Content Shop after meeting this challenge lets players buy the Wolf Tail for 2,000 CP. This accessory is for Leon only and may be equipped by going to the “Extras” tab on the Main Menu before toggling the Wolf Tail on in “Leon’s Accessories.” It is worth mentioning that players cannot use New Game+ to unlock the Wolf Tail, as this mode’s Ranks do not have S+ as an option.

How To Best Use The Wolf Tail

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wolf Tail Accessory with Standard Gameplay in the Faded Background

On its own, the Wolf Tail sometimes seems to lack a real impact, but players can bolster the item’s power with other unlockable accessories in RE4 Remake. For example, using the Deer Antlers gives Leon more knife damage in addition to the melee damage boost from the Wolf Tail, letting players demolish enemies at close-range.

No matter what items players decide to equip once they figure out how to unlock the Wolf Tail in Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Wolf Tail’s small ability can come in clutch when trying to tackle the game on harder difficulties.

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    Resident Evil 4 Remake is a reimagining of the original classic released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2005. A survivor of the Racoon City incident, Leon S. Kennedy, has been conscripted to serve as a member of the President of the United States Secret Service. However, with Umbrella disassembled, a new threat emerges – a cult known as the Los Illuminados, led by Osmund Saddler. Saddler has kidnapped the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham, and Leon has been dispatched to her last known location – a remote region deep in the heart of Spain. Carrying a heavy heart over his failure to stop Raccoon city from being wiped off of the face of the Earth, Leon looks to redeem himself by saving Ashley and putting a stop to this new threat. Resident Evil 4 Remake will follow in a similar vein as the Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes, with overhauled graphics and the evolved third-person action/horror gameplay the series has become known for.

    How Long To Beat:
    15 hours

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