The following list of the 10 Gothenburg metal bands you need to check out was written and curated by Suicide Records’ owner Roger Andersson.

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This is for fans of At The Drive In and Converge and I am one of them. Oh YES!


For all of you who appreciate the “Gothenburg Sound,” this might just be for you.

Fredag Den 13:e

This really has that Swedish crust-punk D-beat nerve. Full on fury!

Industrial Puke

Disrupt and Dismember had a child (sonically) called Industrial Puke. In terms of sheer ear-pleasing nastiness, Industrial Puke provides one of the most satisfying combinations of death metal and hardcore.

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This is what happens when you blur the lines between band and project, collective and art. Three released albums (so far) of a total of 13 songs with 14 different singers. It’s heavy, dark and powerful. This is its own universe! “The world took me for a freak, so I used that to create a freq,” added Novarupta‘s own Alex Stjernfeldt.


This is the perfect mix of three equal parts grindcore, D-beat and death metal. What more is there to wish for?


One of Gothenburg’s absolute best hardcore bands right now! With energy, sound and attitude in the right place.


A lot of great crust/punk hardcore bands are from Gothenburg. And because that is my core in music I have to bring this to the table.

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Pablo Matisse

This band is straight in your face rock ‘n roll punk.


This is old school, but new and fresh at the same time.

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