The Snyderverse gets restored on Netflix in an epic Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 fan-made trailer. In 2013, Zack Snyder launched the DCEU through Man of Steel as part of a new DC cinematic universe. However, after running for a decade, the DCEU is coming to an end as James Gunn is working on his new DC Universe. But despite the Snyderverse not continuing, fans have been campaigning for the franchise to live on somehow.

While the odds are extremely low, it’s not stopping fans from imagining what Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 could look like on Netflix. Screen Culture recently debuted a fan-made trailer for Snyder’s Justice League sequel as a proof of concept.


The Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 trailer depicts the heroes continuing their war with Darkseid. Lex Luthor’s Injustice League is also further teased, as they would have factored into the sequel.

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Could Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 Ever Really Happen?

Ever since 2021, Warner Bros. has made its stance clear about Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2. That is what led fans to launch the #SellZSJLToNetflix campaign, especially after DC Studios was launched. Snyder has even been on the record about the challenges that would come with such an arraignment due to IP rights.

Gunn has also commented on the Netflix Snyderverse fan campaign, as the streaming service hasn’t expressed any interest. If Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 ever happens, it wouldn’t be for quite some time. With Snyder already busy with other projects, DC Studios are focusing on its new franchise. But since DC Elseworlds is also a priority for the studio, that could bode well for Snyder’s sequels.

For many Snyderverse fans, it’s about wanting to see the filmmaker finish his Justice League universe. Hopefully, DC Studios can consider it in the future, either in live-action or perhaps through animation. DC Comics could even be a medium for Snyder to finish his Justice League trilogy as graphic novels. For now, time will tell if Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 will ever see the light of day.

Source: Screen Culture/YouTube

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