After what feels like forever of talking about it, former Every Time I Die members have surfaced with a brand new band called Better Lovers! The band features ex-Every Time I Die members Jordan Buckley, Clayton “Goose” Holyoak, Stephen Micciche, producer Will Putney, and former The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato.

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“Looking back, I’m so happy everything got me to where I am,” explains Buckley. “The pandemic and the last few years made me hungrier and more grateful. This isn’t a hobby. This isn’t temporary. This is the next evolution for each of us. Greg and Will rejuvenated me and made me even more confident. Now, everybody needs to know we’re a wild animal that just broke out of the zoo—there’s no trying to put it back in the cage.”

“Jordan sent me some already finished instrumental tracks, and they hit me at just the right time,” adds Puciato. “Those tracks woke up a side of me that I thought was fully extinct but was merely evolving and changing. To my complete surprise there was still something left in that area to dig at, and the vessel for it made sense.”

Check out the debut single “30 Under 13” above and stay tuned for more soon!

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