Chance The Rapper has come under fire from fans online shocked at his behavior at Jamaica Carnival over the weekend.

The Chicago rapper celebrated a milestone birthday this year and headed over to Jamaica to celebrate at their annual carnival. However, many fans are questioning how things are at home with his wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, after several videos surfaced online of Chance grinding on some scantily clad booties during his 30th birthday celebrations.  

One viral video sees Chance getting into the carnival spirit with some of the island’s dancers. The Coloring Book creator had to be held up by his entourage as he danced behind Trinidadian model and influencer Mela Mizz. He even playfully slapped her derriere a couple of times during the dance. Check out Chance winning on the costumed dancers in the clip below. 

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While Chance the Rapper appeared to have a great time during his Jamaica Carnival birthday celebrations, people online called him out for cheating on his wife. Some also questioned whether his actions were in contrast with his Christian beliefs.  

“Hold up didnt he mess his career up with his i love my wife raps now this??? 🤦🏽‍♂️” wrote one person in the Instagram comments section. 

“Never trust him again always thought he was Shystie,” said one, while another added, ”Isn’t he married and Christian?’ One commenter objected to the dancer’s outfit, or lack thereof: “And she’s almost nude no??” 

Nonetheless, some fans were fully supportive of Chance the Rapper, claiming he was just having a good time.  

“They’re mad at Chance the Rapper for “cheating on his wife” y’all 😂💀,” read one supportive tweet. “Don’t bring that European nonsense to this ethnic household and let that man enjoy Caribbean culture.” 

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