Immortal has slowly turned into the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Demonaz over the past decade. It all started when fellow guitarist and vocalist Abbath (plus bassist Apollyon) left in 2015, followed by drummer Horgh leaving in 2020.

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Abbath‘s departure was due to a lawsuit over copyright, pitting himself against both Demonaz and Horgh. Then in 2019, Demonaz registered Immortal as his own trademark with the Norwegian Patent Office. Horgh sued Demonaz, there was a settlement, and now Immortal is all Demonaz. It’s like the famous black metal murders and suicides, but instead of deaths it’s lawyers.

In an interview with Chaoszine, Demonaz discussed Immortal being a solo project, saying that “not every marriage is a happy marriage” in reference to the band’s changing lineup over the years.

“We have had some disputes. And there was problems already in 2014 with this. But everything is solved now. But I can’t tell you the details because [there is a settlement] agreement [in place preventing us from discussing it].

“Most bands, they are, like, releasing two CDs or LPs and [they] disappear. I’ve had a band for more than 30 years, so it’s impossible not to lose some members or have agreements for so long time. I think every band that’s lasted more than 20 years or 30 years, you will see the same… Not every marriage is a happy marriage.”

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When asked if he’s kept in contact with his former bandmates, Demonaz said he’s spoken to both of them, but they’ve all moved on.

“It’s been some time [since we’ve been in contact]. So that’s natural, I think. They’re busy with their stuff and I’m busy with my stuff. It’s not like in the old days when we were meeting up very often. But for me, it’s, like, there’s no bitterness. I’ve moved on, and they’ve moved on.”

Oh, and Demonaz also addressed Abbath‘s 2020 comment about being down for an Immortal reunion. Long story short, it doesn’t seem likely. “He has said a lot of things, I think. [Laughs] I think maybe he forgot to tell me. I didn’t hear that from him… I just wish him very well in what he’s doing.”

Immortal will release War Against All on May 26.

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