Doc Rivers has seen a lot of basketball. Rivers has played the game and coached the game at the highest level. Now, the Sixers headman is being asked about one of the more debated rules of the game. The act of a charge has changed a lot in just the last decade. What is or isn’t a charge seems to be a topic of debate during every game. Recently, fans have seen top stars injured in attempts to avoid a charge. On Monday, social media was in a frenzy over some calling for the charge to no longer be a rule.

Rivers was asked his stance on the league no longer calling charges. “No, not at all, unless they just want a 250-250 game… I think the only thing there is some of the charges people take can be viewed as reckless. And so they can review that. They can’t take it away, but they can call it what it is, it’s reckless. If it’s a reckless play it should be a flagrant. But none of those I think were reckless, it’s just Ja Morant can jump over a human being, and he tried to do it. That’s part of it.”

Doc Rivers Favors The Charge

Rivers makes a great point on what the charge is and its need in the league. Without the charge, players will be even more reckless when heading to the rack. Athletes are a different breed than when the rules of basketball were created. However, the charge can still be a necessary rule when used correctly. Rivers mentioned that charges could be reckless. Especially if a player is attempting to undercut another. But just as Rivers stated, a play like that should be up for potential review.

Don’t look for the charge to be going anywhere soon. Unless the league does truly want teams scoring nearly 300 points. Which actually may sound like a good idea to the league. The NBA has become an offensive showcase. But ending the charge could turn it into players having video game-like performances. Where do you stand with the charge? Do you agree with Doc Rivers that it needs to be in the game? Or do you believe the charge should become extinct? Sound off in our comment section with your thoughts. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.

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