DC Comics creates an online version of the Daily Planet for fans to catch up on the hottest events of the DCU and possibly give hints to the future.

The iconic newspaper that keeps the people of the DC Universe informed has taken on a new life in the real world. DC Comics has launched an official version of the Daily Planet to bring fans into the DCU.

Earlier this month, the publisher created a new page on the official DC website. Made to look like the homepage of the Daily Planet, the site showcases several hot stories currently affecting the DC Universe, all written by canonical reporters. Cat Grant has written about the Super Twins that have recently joined the Superman Family in Action Comics. Deb Donovan has a piece on Superman being handed the keys to Luthor’s business empire in Superman. And Clark Kent has a story on the uptick in metahumans after the events in Lazarus Planet, something being explored in Unstoppable Doom Patrol. Unfortunately, the stories don’t link to full-length versions of the articles but rather to information about where fans can purchase the comics described. The Daily Planet homepage also has a few other Easter eggs for DC fans, such as ads for Big Belly Burger and Ferris Aircraft. There’s also an ad for Gotham Academy that reads “Student registration begins soon“.


The Daily Planet Takes Fans Straight into the DCU

DC Daily Planet 1

There isn’t a Superman fan alive that’s not aware of the importance the Daily Planet plays in the Superman mythos. It’s the most well-known news organization in the DCU and where a majority of Superman’s cast all work. In the past, DC Comics has brought the newspaper to life. As a tie-in to the Watchmen crossover Doomsday Clock, DC posted a mock-up of several editorials from Lois Lane that commented on the events of the series as it was occurring.

But this new version of the Daily Planet seems to be a bit more ambitious. Not only is it advertising currently released series such as Action Comics or Unstoppable Doom Patrol, but it’s also potentially hinting at new or returning series. The Ferris Aircraft ad could be a reference to the upcoming Green Lantern series, as Hal Jordan has worked for Carol Ferris as a test pilot. And the cryptic message of Gotham Academy opening registration soon could mean that a return of the fan-favorite Gotham Academy series may be on the horizon.

DC Comics is Using the Daily Planet to Keep Fans Informed

DC Daily Planet 2

Media tie-ins are always a fun experience for fans. It can keep them informed about their favorite franchises and provide a small glimpse at what’s to come. Turning the Daily Planet into a hub where fans could keep up with the biggest events in the DCU is a smart play, especially as the Dawn of DC initiative continues its outreach to new and returning readers. A site that tells fans everything they need to know about the happenings of the DC Universe is a fantastic idea, and nothing is better suited to such an endeavor than a real-life version of the Daily Planet.

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