Consequence has a few things he wants to clear up following comments he made in a recent interview about his cousin and longtime collaborator, Q-Tip.

On Friday (April 14), Cons posted a video addressing a Vlad TV interview earlier this month where he admitted he was “furious” when Tip joined G.O.O.D. Music and that it was “the shadiest shit ever.” In the new clip, he clarified that he was solely speaking on that moment in time and that things are all good between the pair.

“I just wanted to make a clip real quick so that I could clarify a few things that I been seeing in the headlines,” Cons began. “Now I got the Vlad TV interview out. Vlad did a great job, but as a prerequisite, when I did the interview, he asked me could we go through my whole career. And so, we just kind of chronologically went through each chamber so in particular with Q-Tip, I wanna just clarify a couple things. When I said, ‘the shadiest thing he ever…’ whatever, that was just due to the fact that I was just thinking about that time period.”

He continued: “Right now me and Q-Tip – we good, everything cool. I spoke to him not too long ago. This week is his birthday, my birthday is this Monday coming up. We usually celebrate our birthdays together but he been busy, I been busy but definitely I wanna say happy birthday to Q-Tip. And when it comes to me even joining Tribe, I do wanna fill in a couple blanks.”

“Number one, you know I did ‘The Chase Pt. 2’ – Q-Tip made sure I got paid. He also gave me access to Violator Management. I was dealing with Keisha Harris. Keisha Harris plugged me with Dino Delvaille who did the Cash Money deal eventually. He was A&Ring for Jeru The Damaja and he started managing me. After we linked up, being that he was dealing with Gang Starr and Preemo’s from Texas – there was a guy from Texas who was like the white version of Preemo. His name was Overtime. Me and Overtime connected, we started working on joints. We hit a little wall tryna shop them because everybody was like, ‘Yo you Q-Tip cousin and he should be the one tryna get you a deal.’”

“So I had to have a heart to heart with Tip, Tip got on board, we did this joint called ‘Living It Up’ and it was a joint. Unfortunately that’s one of the records that we lost in the fire at his crib. So, it was a few things that led to him shopping me to Puff but nonetheless, he did it and that’s when I wound up joining Tribe. Me and Q-Tip celebrate our birthdays a week apart – he’s April 10, I’m April 17. I’m in a great space right now, I have no venom or vitriol for anybody. I’m looking forward to putting out this new album and actually, me and Q-Tip got a joint. Let’s run that real quick.”

He ended the clip by previewing the new track, which is titled “Good Luck With That.” Check it out below.

Consequence and Q-Tip’s falling-out first became public in 2011 when the former accused Tip and Kanye West of abandoning his aforementioned Cons TV album.

“We definitely have personal issues,” he told MTV News’ Sway Calloway at the time while announcing his departure from G.O.O.D. Music. “[Q-Tip] and Kanye elected to be executive producers of my Cons TV project. It’s ABG [anybody gets it].

Consequence Almost Signed To Diddy’s Bad Boy — Until Q-Tip ‘Intercepted’ The Deal

“I’m not harping on anything, but I’ma point out the obvious. I committed my time, my energy, my efforts to what we all committed to. That’s the Cons TV project. It’s not to be understated. They rolled with me through everything. They heard the stories on the ‘Job Song.’ They heard ‘Uncle Rahiem.’ They rooted for me. This was the coup de grâce [death blow].”

Consequence also referred to himself as “the glue” of A Tribe Called Quest, whose 1996 album Beats, Rhymes and Life featured numerous appearances from Cons amid friction between Q-Tip and Phife Dawg.

Firing back on Twitter that same day, Q-Tip wrote: “GLUE?? I gave the n-gga a look,” before adding: “He DOESN’T know what he’s talking abt.”

The pair buried the hatchet months later, with Consequence telling fans: “After a very intense & extensive meeting, Q-Tip & myself have resolved our public & private issues. With so many manufactured ‘beefs’ in Hip Hop, this situation was very real and shows that there can be resolution through humility & dialogue.”

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