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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Briana DeJesus turned heads this week when she shared photos of a new man on her Instagram story on Sunday, April 16.

Briana captioned one video of her new man, Johnny, with a “❤️”, leading fans to jump in and speculate that “Briana has a new man… 🔐👀”. While DeJesus has not confirmed any relationship news directly, many fans theorize that Johnny and Briana may be dating after Johnny shared a clip of Briana to his own Instagram story with the caption “My boogie 💚”.

Fans Think Briana’s New Man Looks Like a Past Romance

After Briana’s Instagram story was screenshotted and shared to a “Teen Mom” discussion page on Reddit, some users began calling out similarities between her new man and a few men from Briana’s past. Many were quick to notice that this wouldn’t be the first time Briana has dated multiple people with the same name.

“Another John lol So John 2.0 that looks like Javi 2.0… Got it”, one fan wrote.

“Didn’t she have another boyfriend named John? Does she only go for John’s and Javi’s? Oh no wait, there’s that meathead, Luis 😂,” another fan wrote.

Briana’s previous Johnny was her ex-boyfriend Johnny Rodriguez, a postal worker whom she dated for about a year, with Us Weekly reporting on the start of the relationship in September 2018 and the end of it by August 2019.

“I realized I wasn’t happy, had too much on my plate and needed to stay focused on all the things going on in my life including my kids, my new spa, filming ‘Teen Mom 2’, my other job and my family,” Briana said of her decision to end that relationship, however she went on to say that she thought Johnny Rodriguez was a “great, sweet, amazing man” and that she felt bad about their split.

Briana was also romantically linked with two separate men named Javi over the last several years. First, in October 2017, Briana began dating her now-former co-star Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin, according to People. The two were together for months before the news came out that Marroquin had broken up with Briana by January 2018. Briana said at the time this was due to a difference in future plans (confirming months later that he did propose during the course of their relationship).

“He wanted a wife and home right now and I didn’t see a reason to rush. I wish him the best going forward, and I am sad things panned out this way, but this is where things currently stand,” Briana said.

The other Javi in her life was Javi Gonzalez, whom Briana dated for eight months before he proposed and she said yes, however the relationship was over two months after that. Briana attributed this breakup to a difference in communication that led to misunderstandings and fights.

Briana DeJesus Met Up With ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars in California

Briana recently met up with many of her “Teen Mom” co-stars, including Jade Cline, Kayla Sessler, Kiaya Elliott, and Cheyenne Floyd in Los Angeles, California, for Cheyenne and Cory Wharton’s daughter Ryder’s 6th birthday party. Briana marked the occasion with an Instagram post that showed off her and her co-stars (and their significant others, children, and friends) all decked out in their 60s- and 70s- inspired outfits to match the theme of the party: “6 is a Vibe”.

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