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Bebe Rexha is admittedly disappointed to see how many people online are talking about her body. On April 16, the singer took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the ‘For You’ tab on her TikTok page, with the search bar pulling up the trending topic of “Bebe Rexha Weight.” She wrote, “Seeing that search bar is so upsetting. I’m not mad because it’s true. I did gain weight. But it just sucks. Thank you to all the people who love me no matter what.”

In a follow up message, she added, “I’ve always struggled with my weight. A b**** likes to eat.” Fans began flooding Bebe’s timeline with supportive comments and urged her not to listen to the haters. In response to one fan, Bebe said, “I’m working on myself everyday. Just discouraged a bit right now.”

Meanwhile, another fan pointed out that Bebe is also being used in weight loss ads, with photoshopped images of her at heaver and lighter weights. “That’s just messed up,” the 33-year-old admitted. She was met with an outpouring of supportive comments from those who agreed that using Bebe’s image in this way — AND without her knowing — was totally out of line.

bebe rexha
Bebe Rexha at the Kids’ Choice Awards. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Luckily, Bebe has a lot coming up to keep her mind occupied. On April 28, her third album, Bebe, is being released. This will follow her last album, Better Mistakes, released in May 2021, and her debut record, Expectations, from 2018. Bebe released the debut single, “Heart Wants What It Wants,” from the new record in Feb. 2023. The song has reached No. 20 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 charts and No. 25 on the Mainstream Top 40 charts.

Throughout her career, Bebe has had some massive music collaborations with artists like Florida Georgia Line, David Guetta, Machine Gun Kelly, Nicki Minaj and Martin Garrix. On April 20, she’s teaming up with Snoop Dogg for another duet, “Satellite,” as well.

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