Agalloch is set to reunite for Prophecy Fest this September. The festival will take place between September 7 and 9 at the Cave of Balve in Balve, Germany, so maybe consider getting your plane tickets now. Agalloch guitarist Don Anderson notes that the band will continue to reunite for a handful of limited shows. Anderson also reveals that longtime drummer Aesop Dekker will not return, and is replaced by drummer Hunter Ginn.

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“After nearly eight years since the band broke up, Agalloch are reforming with the intent of playing limited shows”, said Agalloch guitarist Don Anderson. “The line-up remains the original three: vocalist and guitarist John Haughm, guitarist Don Anderson, and bassist Jason Walton. We will be aided by Hunter Ginn (Canvas Solaris, Sculptured, Radical Research Podcast) on drums.

“We will re-emerge, perhaps fittingly, from the Balver Höhle, which is a cave used by humans since the stone age, at this year’s Prophecy Fest. We’ve been fans of Prophecy Productions’ roster of bands since their inception and are pleased to make this fest our debut after being gone for so long.”

“As long time admirers of Agalloch, literally everybody at Prophecy is stoked about welcoming this exciting and important band back on stage in Balve for an exclusive European show!”, added Prophecy label founder Martin Koller. “The American metal pioneers are the perfect fit for the billing, the cave, and the festival. We sincerely hope that you love this announcement as much as we do.”

Tickets for Prophecy Fest are available here.

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Agalloch originally broke up in 2016, saying that frontman John Haughm and the rest of the band had gone their separate ways. Haughm would go on to form Pillorian and release one album in 2017, while Don Anderson, Jason Walton, and Aesop Dekker would go on to form Khôrada and release one album in 2018.

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