Warning: Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers Beyond #1!Captain America‘s shield has fallen into the hands of the foremost lackey of villain Thanos the Mad Titan: Corcus Glaive. The Avenger Beyond series has teased the return of Thanos’ dreadful Black Order, and it seems that Corvus has found a new powerful toy to play with.

The third issue of Derek Landy, Greg Land, and Frank D’Armata’s Avengers Beyond miniseries promises to bring the Avengers into conflict with Glaive’s Black Order once more. Avengers Beyond recently began as a follow-up to the miniseries All Out Avengers. Avengers Beyond #1 saw the return of the omnipotent Beyonder, who is trying to recruit the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ a war between his own race and a new threat that is even more powerful than the Beyonders, the Lost One. Just as it seemed that things could not get worse, the issue concludes with the reintroduction of the Black Order.


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Corvus Glaive Has Got His Hands On Captain America’s Shield

Introduced in the pages of Jonathan Hickman’s landmark Infinity event, Corvus Glaive served as the no-nonsense leader of Thanos’ elite group known as the Black Order. Armed with a powerful cosmic glaive, Corvus and his violent companions attempt to scour the cosmos for Thanos’ but quickly come into conflict with Earth’s superheroes. Running into battle alongside Glaive is his wife Proxima Midnight, who proves just as lethal as Corvus in battle and ambition. The impact of Thanos’ Black Order quickly resonated with readers and even went off the page, extending to cartoons, video games, and film with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s Phase 3 concluding movies Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame.

If the main cover is any indication, Avengers Beyond #3 looks to represent a shift for the team with the return of not only the Black Order, but Glaive’s retrieval of Captain America’s classic shield. It remains a mystery why Glaive has Cap’s shield, but as the Black Order is set to engage the Avengers’ in a deadly battle, it’s possible that he will wrench it from the hands of Steve himself. The synopsis for the issue is the following:

The LOST ONE is here, knocking on Earth’s door, waiting to be let in. In a desperate attempt to keep that door shut, a depleted Avengers force battle the Black Order in the veins and arteries of the dead Celestial they call home. Blood is spilled, bones are broken and betrayal is on the horizon…

Misleading comic book covers are nothing out of the ordinary, but given Earth’s heroes’ history with the Black Order, a temporary loss for the Avengers may be on the horizon. Captain America‘s shield is an iconic symbol of the character and everything he stands for, and seeing it in the hands of one of Marvel’s most despicable villains surely has its effect.

Avengers Beyond #3 releases to select retailers on May 31st.

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