6ix9ine typically tends to find a way to turn whatever he has going on into a viral social media moment, and his recent beatdown at a Florida-based LA Fitness is no different.

Taking to Instagram with what he dubbed the “LA Fitness Challenge” on Monday (April 17), the colorful-haired rapper shared a video alongside a few bikini-clad women. In the clip, everyone takes turns being held by two people – one on the arms and one at the feet – as they get swung around like a jump rope while a fourth person attempts to jump over them.

“Wow .. security taking full advantage of this undocumented Dominican girl,” 6ix9ine joked in the caption. “smh bro seen an opportunity and took it ..”

Check out the clip below.

The “challenge” arrives shortly after 6ix9ine addressed rumors that the beatdown was staged.

“For me, it was tough to watch because it was so unexpected. It’s cowardly,” he said in an interview with NBC 6 South Florida earlier this month. “When I look at it, I just see hate, right? Imagine being someone who doesn’t know someone from a hole in the wall. I’ll give you an example: today is the first day that I meet you, I don’t know you from anywhere, I could have heard something about you that I may have an opinion on, but I don’t know you to hate you.”

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He continued: “Does that give me the right to attack you? To ambush you? I think it was cowardly. I think it was opportunistic, but again I’m not mad because I know in the streets there are no rules. I’m at a loss for words because they saw an opportunity and they took it.”

6ix9ine went on to say that the attack was calculated and that they cornered him in the sauna and blocked his only exit. He reaffirmed his past statement that he wasn’t going to up his security detail after the attack, which he clarified wasn’t staged.

“I think life just keeps going,” he said. “I can capitalize off of anything, I’m that talented. I don’t need to get beat up to sell a record.”

Three men — Rafael Medina Jr., 43; Octavious Medina, 23; and Anthony Maldonado, 25 — have been arrested on assault and robbery charges over the March 21 attack, which was caught on camera.

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