Warning: SPOILERS ahead for School Spirits

School Spirits wrapped up several loose ends, but also left a number of pressing questions without answers. Paramount+’s high school supernatural drama came to an exciting close, solving the eagerly anticipated mystery of Maddie’s disappearance while simultaneously leaving room for more stories. Despite clues that created the impression that Maddie was murdered, and by the hands of the living, it turns out that Maddie’s School Spirits conundrum stretches far beyond the real world and into the spirit realm.

While School Spirit’s penultimate episode “Séance Anything” displays compelling evidence to suggest Maddie’s mother could’ve been the killer, the finale reveals Maddie to be the victim of Janet, a spirit assumed to have crossed over. After fallout with her mother in the boiler room, Maddie heard a cry for help which she followed to the fallout shelter that Wally, Charley, and Rhonda later find to be the center of Mr. Martin’s atrocities. Inside was Mr. Martin and Janet, and when Maddie opened the door, she unwittingly enabled Janet to possess her body and release her soul, prompting a slew of new School Spirits mysteries for a new season to solve at some point down the road.

5 What Is Mr. Martin Using The Spirits’ Information For?

Mr. Martin has had a suspicious air about him since the first episode of School Spirits, but his collection of death mementos is what solidifies him as the series antagonist. In the fallout shelter, Mr. Martin collects objects from the scenes of the tragic accidents that forced the spirits into limbo; the reason why is still undetermined, but could help explain the fine line between the real-world and the afterlife. These objects are meant to answer pressing questions, as Mr. Martin went to extreme lengths to keep them hidden and went so far as to lock Wally, Rhonda, and Charley with them in the shelter where they found them.

4 How Was Maddie Able To See Mr. Martin & Janet Before Disappearing In School Spirits?

Maddie Nears' possession in School Spirits

Although it wasn’t readily comprehensible at any moment in the series, the line between the real-world and the afterlife is further obscured in the School Spirits’ finale. When Maddie is alone in the boiler room after fighting with her mother and discovering her future is at stake, she hears Janet’s cry for help and is able to lay eyes on both her and Mr. Martin. What made this so shocking is the fact that up until this moment, the only living person known to have a connection with the spirit realm is Maddie’s best friend, Simon (Kristian Flores).

After her disappearance, Simon is Maddie’s only mode of communication or interaction with the real-world. Simon can only speak with Maddie in places where other spirits have died. Maddie was alive when she witnessed the spirits of Mr. Martin and Janet, and while School Spirits withdrew from answering why she had this ability, it’s been speculated that Maddie’s past trauma involving her mother opening the channel of interaction, just as Simon’s experience with his father’s death opened the channel to him.

3 Will Maddie Reclaim Her Body Back From Janet’s Possession?

Maddie Nears in School Spirits

Once Maddie saw Mr. Martin and Janet, Janet’s shadowy and indiscernible figure possessed Maddie’s physical body. The scene in the School Spirits season 1 finale solves Maddie’s disappearance and answers, in part, what happened to Janet, but leaves whether or not Maddie will ever live as herself again as a story for another time. For now, it’s hard to say if such a scenario will ever come to pass.

What Janet has already done (and anything she’ll do later) complicates any future Maddie would have even if she does get her body back in School Spirits season 2. Supposing Maddie were to reclaim her body back from Janet, she would have to deal with the repercussions of the latter’s real-world actions. During her time in Maddie’s body, Janet has broken into several neighborhood houses and hit Xavier (Spencer MacPherson) with a stolen car. Maddie herself didn’t commit those crimes, but she’d be held be accountable regardless.

2 How Badly Was Xavier Hurt In School Spirits?

Spencer MacPherson as Xavier Baxter in School Spirits

What happened to Xavier is another development that still needs to be explored properly. In the finale, Xavier was hurt in the characters’ attempt to subdue Janet, who had possessed Maddie. Xavier was critically injured when hit by a vehicle driven by Janet. The extent of his injuries haven’t been explained as of yet. They could be brushed aside in School Spirits season 2, which could reveal that his injuries weren’t serious. But if that isn’t the case and Xavier is in much worse shape when the show returns, this could lead to some real consequences for Janet posessing Maddie in School Spirits.

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1 Who Will Pass Over Next In School Spirits Season 2?

Rhonda, Charley, and Wally in School Spirits

The last of what’s seen of Maddie’s spirit friends in the School Spirits‘ season finale is of them trapped in Mr. Martin’s fallout shelter. They’ve made leaps and bounds in learning more about the circumstances of the afterlife and how much of it has been construed by Mr. Martin. Wally, Rhonda, and Charley have wished to pass over like the rest of the spirits caught in high school limbo, but there’s no telling who will be next after Dawn.

With what they’ve learned, Wally, Rhonda, and Charley may not want to pass over so soon, even if the chance arrives in a future season. After all, they have so much left to do. Season 1 created several problems for them to solve in the weeks to come. To get answers from the counselor they’ve trusted for over 60 years, to possibly defeat him, and to help Maddie reconnect with her body, Wally, Rhonda, and Charley might delay any plans that may have of passing over. The question of if they even can pass over at will is still unanswered – like many questions in the series – but a potential School Spirits season 2 would naturally be in an excellent position to address them at length.

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