This weekend an album made in the forced seclusion of lockdown sees the light of day — and the darkness of the dancefloor — as Amtrac hits the road for the 17-date run behind his Extra Time LP.

Released in February via the Los Angeles-based producer’s own Openers label, the album is a warm voyage of synth and feeling, with the smart productions spanning moods from melancholy to longing to joy and catharsis with lush sophistication.

Audiences can partake in these many vibes starting tomorrow at Toronto club The Velvet Underground, with the tour then working its way across the U.S. through early June.

Ahead of this affair, one entirely out of reach during the making of the album behind it, the artist born Caleb Cornett offers the backstory on the album, his hobbies and sampling the legends of Motown.

1. Where are you in the world right now, and what’s the setting like?

Currently on a flight back from Miami Music Week; the setting is tranquil.

2. What is the first album or piece of music you bought for yourself, and what was the medium?

Pretty sure it was a cassette single of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter.” Also I remember the first CD I ever bought was the soundtrack for [1997 comic book adaptation] Spawn.

3. What did your parents do for a living when you were a kid, and what do or did they think of what you do for a living now?

My mom has always worked at a bookstore, and my dad works for the food distributor Sysco.

4. What’s the first non-gear thing you bought for yourself when you started making money as an artist?

I cant recall; it’s honestly almost always gear.

5. If you had to recommend one album for someone looking to get into dance/electronic music, what would you give them?

Tough question, how about two: Moderat’s [self-titled 2009] first album and Clark’s Body Riddle.

6. What’s the last song you listened to?

XTC, “Making Plans For Nigel.”

7. You wrote on Instagram that you made Extra Time to “cope with times of uncertainty.” How does this body of work help you cope in that way?

I made the majority of the record locked inside during lockdown; it was my outlet for what I was feeling. One of the few things that kept me sane, my way of coping.

8. Everybody’s so damn busy all the time. Are you able to find actual extra time in your life?

Luckily yes, I spend just as much time cooking as I do making music — that’s slowly but surely becoming more of a passion.

9. Tell me about getting the Four Tops sample on the album via “Nobody Else.” What did the inspiration strike to use it, and what was the clearing process like?

I’ve been sampling Motown records for a while now, usually just as place holders for inspiration. “Nobody Else” just felt right — I wanted to see if we could get the sample cleared. Luckily Motown was into the record and we made it all work. My tracks “Those Days” and “Hold On” also included some cleared Motown samples from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

10. How did you celebrate finishing the LP?

I went out for some nice szechuan cuisine.

11. This album has the distinction of having a beer made in its honor. Fun. How did that happen?

My lifelong friends opened a brewery in my hometown in Morehead, Kentucky a few years back. I approached them with the idea and magic happened. It was such a blast. I have little to no knowledge when it comes to brewing beer, so it was a great learning experience as well; I loved helping with the whole process.

12. What’s the best city in the world for dance music currently? Why?

I would say Los Angeles is pretty great when it comes to diversity. I’ve seen all walks of electronic over the past few years here.

13. You’re about to embark on a major tour. Have you done anything special to get mentally and physically prepared for this run? 

Mainly just trying to be a as healthy as I can prior, eating my greens and working up a sweat in the gym.

14. The most exciting thing happening in dance music currently is _____?

I would have to say the parties, especially the underground — It’s constantly evolving and theres always new crews popping up. Los Angeles has some great things going on with Lights Down Low, Rhonda, Cyclone & IYKYK to name a few.

15. The most annoying thing happening in dance music currently is _____?

Copycats. There are tons of producers out there trying to sound like someone else. You can see right though it; it’s just lazy to me. Don’t be afraid to take risks, venture into the unknown.

16. Do you have guilty pleasure music?

I probably play OMC’s “How Bizarre” too much. 

17. The proudest moment of your career thus far?

Being able to put out music myself, setting up my own label.

18. What’s the best business decision you’ve ever made?

Also, starting my own label, 100%.

19. Who was your greatest mentor, and what was the best advice they gave you?

I would have to say my managers, they’ve been with me for over a decade now and started working with me when I hadn’t really released any music. They were the first people who saw a bigger picture with what I was doing, just the mere fact they believed in me changed my outlook, having a team has made the world of difference.

20. One piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

Don’t let anyone else tell you what’s cool, decide for yourself. Also, you’re cool.

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